The Storybook Project

The Storybook Project: Helping Mamas Talk To Their Kiddos About Breast Cancer

  • personalized, fill-in-the-blank book
  • for young children under 6 to help explain breast cancer in the family
  • our project created and printed 1000 copies!

You can learn more at The Storybook Project website. Please see our Facebook page for the latest news!

Watch our Kickstarter video here to learn more about the project. This fundraising campaign was funded (and more!) in October 2013 in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you to all our supporters. Once again, in November 2014, we received enough donations to complete the print job in only 6 days! Ongoing donations are always appreciated and are necessary for mailing these books to families who can use them right away. Next steps in 2017: finding a publisher, getting online, translating the book into Spanish, etc.


How can I help? 
We’d appreciate if you would 1) spread the word to anyone who might find this project meaningful (see below) 2) like us on Facebook for the latest updates 3) consider making a donation and 4) keep checking in because 2018 will bring more growth and expansion! Thank you for your support.

How can I get my hands on a copy? 1,000 books from the initial print run will be donated directly to families, medical providers, healing professionals, and organizations who can use them immediately. We will pursue publication in 2015 at which time books can be purchased in stores and online to reach an even wider audience.

I know someone/an organization who needs one right now! Great! (Actually, not great at all. It breaks my heart to know that so many mamas with young kids continue to be diagnosed with breast cancer. But, I’m happy to offer a resource that might ease the overwhelm. Brook and I couldn’t wait to be able to “pay it forward” after receiving so much support ourselves. ~ Chelsea) TSP team member Margaret is coordinating distribution and will get in touch if you email her at with the following information:
1. Your name
2. How you heard about TSP
3. Name and address of recipient
4. Briefly: Why/how this person or organization will use this book immediately.
This book is intended for families to help explain breast cancer treatment and potential side effects to children 6 and under. Yes, it can certainly be used with older children but the information is simple and designed to be accessible in early childhood. Let’s get these in the hands of those who need them!

by Chelsea Harper and Brook Irwin
We are two mothers of young children, living with Stage IV breast cancer in Portland, OR with our husbands and kids. We come from professional backgrounds of counseling and education. We found each other at a young survivors conference, where we discovered that we had both created a book for our own kids after not finding the resources we needed at the time of our diagnoses. We feel strongly about offering this storybook as a helpful tool for other moms dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis.


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